About Us

PEDal is an independent group founded by San Clemente resident Brenda Miller. Our Mission is to advocate for a more bicycle and pedestrian friendly town, one that encourages efficient and safe travel by non-motorized means.

Here in San Clemente, especially the older part sandwiched between the freeway and the ocean, there isn’t room left to expand infrastructure to accommodate more automobiles. That part of town was built about a hundred years ago. It’s quaint. But space is tight and getting tighter. We need options.

With an ever-increasing number of residents and visitors seeking to enjoy our Spanish Village by the Sea, PEDal recognizes the need to entertain viable and safe transportation alternatives so we’ll be prepared for future challenges. Not because it’s cool or trendy. But because it’s smart to acknowledge that we can fit a lot more bicycles and pedestrians in our existing circulation system than we can increase capacity for more automobiles. That’s not a political thing. It’s a practical one. It’s also what people want to see here in San Clemente.

Leading up to our General Plan Update, the City conducted a randomized telephone survey of San Clemente residents. That 2009 Vision process revealed 90% of our residents were most supportive of the City creating a pedestrian friendly town that encourages walking and biking, 85% of us want to preserve the Village Character, 82% want City policies that protect the local environment, 80% want traffic flow to improve, and 78% declared their desire for improved access to alternative transportation. It all fits together.

PEDal is all about making San Clemente a better place to live. Recognizing that the average automobile trip length is about 4 miles, it seems reasonable that enabling people to safely bicycle and walk to their destination would benefit not only the individual but also help the community as a whole.

The time is now. PEDal is here. Get engaged.

Our Top-10 Goals are:

  • Joining in the authorship of the historic first San Clemente Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.
  • Increasing residents’ participation in making San Clemente a friendly town for bicyclists and pedestrians.
  • Promoting a philosophy of sharing the roadways, emphasizing courtesy and safety for all users.
  • Emphasizing the 3 E’s: engineering, education, encouragement of non-motorized transportation alternatives.
  • Integrating non-motorized transportation modes within the existing system.
  • Embracing an active, healthy lifestyle by making non-motorized transportation a legitimate alternative.
  • Reducing toxic emissions generated by over-reliance on autos for personal transportation.
  • Complying with state and federal mandates requiring reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Enabling non-motorized transportation to be efficient, convenient and safe for all concerned.
  • Having fun in the sun here in San Clemente.

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