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SB 986: Looking LEFT while turning RIGHT? Say NO!!

Kill SB 986 Before it Kills Us ♥ Just in time for Back to School: the “California Stop” may be legal soon. Let’s hope not ♥ ♥ Public Action Needed: Read below and Email your California Assembly office ♥ Wednesday, August 3rd, California’s Assembly

UPDATE on San Clemente’s Class 1 on North Coast Hwy

The City Council unanimously voted to approve conceptual plans to make that stretch of roadway a true complete street. In January, 2014, the Planning Commission also unanimously approved the same project (Commission decisions require ratification by the Council). Some details

PLEASE ATTEND: March 4th, 2014

PLEASE ATTEND: March 4th, 2014, San Clemente City Council (map HERE) will evaluate the Complete Streets proposal for the City’s northern-most stretch of the Pacific Coast Bike Route as part of Pacific Coast Hwy. The plan is anchored by a

Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

By unanimous vote Tuesday evening, San Clemente’s City Council adopted its first Mobility and Complete Streets Element and Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. Both documents are fully integrated with the City’s new General Plan and will guide all decisions related

Weekend Family Bike Rides In The Month Of May, 2013

Rides are free and are lead by either Brenda Miller or Pete Van Nuys, both certified instructors by the League of American Bicyclists Dates: May 4th, 11th, 19th, and 25th Time: 11 a.m. Place: North Beach Bike Rental (across from

Public Hearing Monday, August 27th, 2012

The time is NOW for San Clemente residents & users of the Pacific Coast Bicycle Route to engage and comment on our City’s DRAFT Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. For a detailed explanation of what this is all about, see

San Clemente Times Cover Story

In its June 28, 2012, edition, the San Clemente Times wrote a very nice cover story about San Clemente’s efforts to plan for multi-modal transportation. Senior Editor Stacie Galang went the extra mile to provide thorough coverage of the issue, interviewing

San Clemente Leading the Way

The City of San Clemente is, once again, stepping up to take a leadership role in its advocacy for non-motorized transportation. Last Friday, I alerted the Council and City Manager to the Federal Transportation Conference Committee that is reevaluating the

San Clemente Council, City staff, and GPAC bicycles downtown Long Beach

Members of our City Council, staff, and General Plan Advisory Committee bicycled 11.5 miles in downtown Long Beach, Calif., to get up close and personal with Complete Streets. We all pedaled, pondered, and probed the possibilities of a bicycle-and-pedestrian-friendly Spanish

Tell Rep. Calvert We Need Safe Routes

I hate politics. And worse than politics, I hate party politics on both sides, particularly when it defies common sense, compromises public safety, and ignores the will of the people. That’s what’s going on in Congress right now with the