Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Initial Draft

The City of San Clemente has agreed to release the INITIAL DRAFT of our town’s first ever Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.

Keep in mind that this INITIAL DRAFT was not likely to be released until after the holidays. As such, there likely are grammatical & other errors. If you’ll keep a log of comments based on page number of the document, that will help PEDal and City staff focus attention where needed. You can email your comments to me ( and/or to Principal Planner Jeff Hook (

I’d like to pay thanks to the San Clemente City Council and City Manager for their willing ears–which may still be ringing as a result of all my phone calls–in hearing my pleas in favor of early disclosure, even if the document has some flaws at this time.

In the interests of transparency of process, I advocated for early release of the document so a public dialogue could begin. I’m hopeful that with increased access and time to ponder its contents, a better Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan will result.

Your comments and corrections will ultimately shape the Plan’s final form. This is our Plan, just like it’s our Future. Our children and their children will be impacted by our input in making this document relevant. Carpe diem.