Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Vote

At Tuesday’s City Council meeting, the Council voted 5-0 to do two things:

  1. San Clemente residents WILL have a Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan–an historic event of which we should all be proud.
  2. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plans will be part of the General Plan Update and so will be a legally binding policy document.

Thank you City Council.

Thanks to all the PEDal people who have written letters, spoken at Council meetings, and spent more than 200 hours volunteering to count bicycles and pedestrians in our town. Having numbers to document existing activity by bicyclists and pedestrians likely played a key role in demonstrating the need to create an official Plan that will integrate non-motorized transit within the existing circulation system.

You can read more about this in the San Clemente Times and the Sun Post.