San Clemente Leading the Way

The City of San Clemente is, once again, stepping up to take a leadership role in its advocacy for non-motorized transportation. Last Friday, I alerted the Council and City Manager to the Federal Transportation Conference Committee that is reevaluating the Transportation Bill that expires at the end of June. One point of concern among the non-motorized transportation advocates is that the negotiations may remove local discretion as to what type of transportation projects would be funded, with bicycle and pedestrian uses possibly being shortchanged.

Time is of the essence in such matters. So, I drafted a letter asking Federal leaders to preserve local decision-making and elaborated a bit on how San Clemente is becoming the bellwether town in Orange County: the County’s first-ever Complete Streets Resolution passed unanimously in January and our Council, staff, and GPAC members who spent a Saturday in March touring downtown Long Beach by bicycle.

The letter was received enthusiastically by our City Manager, George Scarborough, and his assistant, Laura Ferguson, with Mayor Evert providing the final touches and his signature. Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer and Congressman Ken Calvert received the letter today.

San Clemente leadership is really on the ball when it comes to its advocacy. I can’t say enough about their willing ears and open minds, as we all work to make our town a shining example of the value of working together. Kudos to all!


Click here┬áto view the letters, as officially submitted by the City to California’s leadership in the U.S. Senate and House.