Author: Brenda Miller

S.C. Council ‘Sharrows’ the Road in Long Beach

Do you think San Clemente’s City Council just talks the talk?Think again. They also push the pedals! During last Saturday’s bicycle tour of vibrant downtown Long Beach, our decision-makers were able to get that essential, tires-on-the-ground experience by flowing along the living

San Clemente Council, City staff, and GPAC bicycles downtown Long Beach

Members of our City Council, staff, and General Plan Advisory Committee bicycled 11.5 miles in downtown Long Beach, Calif., to get up close and personal with Complete Streets. We all pedaled, pondered, and probed the possibilities of a bicycle-and-pedestrian-friendly Spanish

Tell Rep. Calvert We Need Safe Routes

I hate politics. And worse than politics, I hate party politics on both sides, particularly when it defies common sense, compromises public safety, and ignores the will of the people. That’s what’s going on in Congress right now with the

Congress Ditched Kids with Transportation Bill

Last week was a sad one for those seeking a balanced transportation system. Congress wants to spend about $150,000,000,000 (yes, billions!) for transportation infrastructure.  Not one penny was directed toward kid-friendly facilities and Safe Routes to School, signed into law by President

Bike Advocate Lauds City Transit Plan

By unanimous vote, the San Clemente City Council voted Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2012, to support multimodal transportation in the updated General Plan. Introduced by Councilman Baker, the motion passed with consensus (5-0) vote and stated the following: “San Clemente’s Bicycle

The City of San Clemente Makes Orange County History

The City Council voted unanimously to support multimodal transportation in the updated General Plan. They are the only City in Orange County to make such a declaration. Introduced by Councilman Baker, the motion passed with consensus (5-0) opinion and stated

Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Initial Draft

The City of San Clemente has agreed to release the INITIAL DRAFT of our town’s first ever Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. Keep in mind that this INITIAL DRAFT was not likely to be released until after the holidays. As

San Clemente Sidewalk Policy

At Tuesday’s City Council meeting dedicated to Long Term Financial Planning, our pedestrian advocacy was able to garner a unanimous vote from the City Council. The vote authorized City staff to prepare an analysis of the costs necessary to create

Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Vote

At Tuesday’s City Council meeting, the Council voted 5-0 to do two things: San Clemente residents WILL have a Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan–an historic event of which we should all be proud. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plans will